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So that the cells renew themselves

The main theme of regeneration is to stimulate the process of renewing the cells in the body. In doing so, we use a series of individual forms of therapy tailored to the symptoms. These include bioactive supplements and antioxidants.

Orthomolecular therapy

One focus is orthomolecular therapy. It is based on the fact that our today’s often unhealthy diet does not contain all the vital substances that the body needs. What he lacks balances orthomolecular therapy. By infusion vitamins, trace elements and minerals are administered to the body in high dosage – very specific, depending on the patient’s clinical picture. This is much more than a dietary supplement, it has the effect of a drug.

Oxygen Therapy

We use this therapy for circulatory disorders of all kinds of brain, heart and extremities, for tiredness, diminishing performance, for headaches, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, depressive moods, and concomitant with cancer. With the therapy, we also treat immunodeficiencies of any kind and metabolic diseases.
The use of oxygen takes place via inhalation and / or via an enrichment of the blood. The inhalation therapy is a modified oxygen multi-step therapy according to Prof. von Ardenne – with ionized, over 90% pure medical oxygen. The ionization enormously increases the effect and reduces the duration of inhalation.
Before inhalation, patients are given a dose of vitamins and minerals to optimize oxygen uptake in the body. Afterwards, they inhale ionized active oxygen via a face mask for 20 minutes.
The administration of oxygen via the blood takes place as ozone-oxygen therapy. In this case, a small amount (80-100 ml) of autologous blood is mixed with an ozone-oxygen mixture, whereby it comes to the enrichment of the blood with oxygen. This happens in a closed, sterile system.
This results in a significant improvement in the oxygen supply of the entire body. After only two to three treatments, there is a clear increase in vitality and general well-being.

Hormone therapy

Here we eliminate deficiencies and imbalances in the hormone system of the body. This is done by a natural hormone substitution and a supporting organ therapy in which we stimulate the body’s own hormone production.

Biological organ therapy

This therapy enables targeted regeneration and revitalization of damaged cell aggregates or organs. The mode of action: Cells, which are taken from healthy, juvenile tissue of a donor animal, have a regenerating effect on the corresponding organs in the body of the recipient.
Today, we have a large number of highly effective preparations from renowned manufacturers at our disposal. With these preparations, a targeted treatment of diseases or deficiency symptoms of various tissues or organ systems is possible.

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