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Today’s way of life is actually poison for humans. Wrong diets such as too much meat and sweets, as well as fast food, leaves its mark on the body. Negative too much alcohol, coffee and nicotine. Lack of exercise, stress and electrosmog additionally burden the body.
The foods become acids in the body. These acids must neutralize the body through basic foods and endogenous minerals. Acidification then leads to a lack of vitality and minerals. With fatal consequences: the transport of nutrients is disturbed, the organs are working worse, the cells age faster. Acidification can lead to a range of illnesses, from allergies to cancer.
We counter this with individually tailored therapies.


Using specially formulated infusions with basic additives, we neutralize the acidic metabolites that are deposited in the body so that they can be eliminated.


In case of stress on the liver or heavy metal contamination, we provide detoxification. The diagnosed poisons are bound by special infusions in the body and then excreted.

Orthomolecular therapy

This therapy supplies the organism with vital nutrients that it lacks and that it can not obtain from food or produce itself. This improves the overall function of cell and organ structures as well as the inner environment. In addition, orthomolecular therapy strengthens the body’s defense system.

Colon cleansing

Death is in the gut, says a medical wisdom. About 80% of the immune system is located in the mucosa of the small and large intestine. Colon hydrotherapy, a form of intestinal lavage, helps detoxify the intestine and has beneficial effects on the intestinal immune system. This system is the basis for all our health. A subsequent intestinal restoration ensures a balanced intestinal flora, which makes the intestinal immune system more functional.

Homeopathy and phytotherapy

In detoxification we also use homeopathic procedures. Targeted infusions improve the elimination of metabolic residues.

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