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We use a novel measuring and therapy system – Global Diagnostics. This system is particularly suitable for chronically ill patients who suffer from multiple stress. With conventional diagnostics, one often does not find the real physical regulatory blocks that prevent the organism from healing. Global Diagnostics detects them. The procedure was completely redeveloped as part of the Vitalfeld technology. It can measure and visualize bioenergetic structures. Global Diagnostics is scientifically based and purely physical.
Like an iceberg, there is information in the organism that is not always visible at first sight but can be valuable for a holistic assessment of the physical situation.

Every healthy organism has certain typical electromagnetic fields – this is its vital field like a fingerprint, unmistakable and unique. The body and the vital field work together to create the living organism.

How does this diagnostic system work? Within a few minutes countless tiny electrical impulses are given to the body. The response of the organism to these impulses is recorded and evaluated in its intensity and rhythmic change and allows a holistic analysis of the body, such as:

  • Bioenergetic starting point such as energy level, regulatory capacity
  • Which factors burden the body, e.g. Toxins, metals, drugs and filter systems (liver, kidney, etc.) must be supported
  • How do the stresses affect the cells energetically, e.g. by inflammatory or degenerative processes and their sequelae.
  • Which body systems are particularly affected and must be given priority

We receive a comprehensive, detailed snapshot of the body and can use it in a targeted manner to clarify relationships, supplement traditional treatments, and holistically view and treat the body.

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