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Our philosophy “Four steps to success”

We offer a holistic medical treatment that includes four treatment steps that are meaningfully coordinated.
These steps are based on the columns:

  • diagnosis
  • detox
  • repair
  • Rejuventation

Diagnosis: In the first step, we take an insight into the current state of health of the respective patient. We carry out a whole body checkup, collect laboratory values ​​and check the existing data on the course of the disease. In addition, further individual examinations should be necessary in the further diagnosis.

Detoxification: The second step is detoxification, ie the elimination of existing in the body toxins such. Heavy metals. In addition, acids in the body are neutralized and also discharged. This step is very important as it is the only way to facilitate the healing process and to activate the self-healing powers of the organism. The detoxification also has a positive effect on the body’s energy production and improves the overall metabolism.

Renewal: With natural measures we strengthen the body’s own defenses and stimulate the self-healing powers. With our EUROPEAN WELLNESS concept we combine different methods to build up the immune system as well as the intestinal system, thus strengthening all physiological processes. This is how the body finds its balance and inner harmony.

Regeneration: In this step, we apply individualized therapies tailored to the needs of the patient to stimulate healing, cell and organ regeneration. In addition to an intensive infusion treatment, the targeted administration of supplements such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other bioactive substances. This optimizes the state of health and stabilizes it for as long as possible.

Location – Where the almond trees bloom

The Villa Medica and Edenkoben belong to the old cultural landscape of the southern Palatinate, one of the sunniest areas in Germany. A land where figs, kiwis and lemons thrive, where the almond trees bloom.

The villa is surrounded by greenery, surrounded by idyllic tranquility. But excursions in the area are worthwhile. Close by is the Hambach Castle, the cradle of democracy in Germany. And high above Edenkoben towers the Villa Ludwigshöhe, the former summer residence of the Bavarian King Ludwig I. He praised the region as a “Mediterranean garden”.

The Südpfalz is also a wine region with first-class plants. For tasting invite numerous, picturesque wine villages.

Other popular destinations include Speyer with the Kaiserdom and the Technik Museum, the world-famous Heidelberg or near France. Already 40 kilometers south, the French Alsace begins with the picturesque Wissembourg. And further south, the European metropolis Strasbourg awaits.

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Villa Medica Healthcare GmbH & Co. KG
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    Villa Medica Healthcare GmbH & Co. KG
    Klosterstraße 205
    67480 Edenkoben
    Tel: 06323 / 3021 000